Jodie Barns

Jodie Barns
Environmental, Social and Governance Analyst, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (2016 Super Grad)

"The program stands out compared to others because of its unique focus on the positive culture and values of profit-to-member super. You develop a strong professional network - particularly with fellow grads as you aren't competing for jobs - and gain a range of technical and soft skills. I've completed my Diploma of Superannuation, made good friends and had support in my first year of work. Looking back it's amazing to see how much I've achieved and how much fun I had with the 2016 group of graduates."

Jake, Sims 2

Jake Sims
Policy & Regulatory Analyst
Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees 

"The 2016 Super Grads program provided me with an excellent head start in the industry. The program gave me the opportunity to learn from industry leaders through the mentoring program and build valuable networks that I will be able to rely on in the future. Completing the Diploma of Superannuation provided me with a strong, working knowledge of the industry. The formal education opportunities were complemented by two industry placements which enabled me to work with organisations that were committed to the profit-to-member ethos."   

Gloria Sun

Gloria Sun
Finance Graduate, Australian Super (2016 Super Grad)

"Being a part of the Super Grads program was a life changing experience that improved my awareness of the challenges in the super industry. The program provides many opportunities to develop both professionally and personally through attending the CMSF conference, retreat workshops and being paired with an industry mentor. The Super Grads program is truly super and a great place for anyone looking to join the profit-to-member superannuation industry."


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