Testimonials continued


Gloria Sun
Finance Graduate, Australian Super (2016 Super Grad)

Being a part of the Super Grads program was a life changing experience that improved my awareness of the challenges in the super industry. The program provides many opportunities to develop both professionally and personally through attending the CMSF conference, retreat workshops and being paired with an industry mentor. The Super Grads program is truly super and a great place for anyone looking to join the profit-to-member superannuation industry.


Adrian Giacobbe
Finance Officer, TWUSUPER

The SuperGrads program for 2012 was one of the most diverse, interesting and ultimately fun programs I have ever been involved in.

The program was very well orchestrated which allows you a lot of  opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and socially. The major highlights for me were all the guest speakers we were privileged to hear from throughout the year, as well as our in depth discussions with them.

I enjoyed touching on subjects of the economy, Supers influence and the future aspirations of sustainability and innovation with key founding members of the Superannuation movement.

Other speakers and discussions were with other professionals in different fields that had a unique perspective on all different areas of their specialisation e.g. psychologist, Union representative, Olympian, finance journalist, Marketing specialists, CEO's just to name a few.

This program will allow you tremendous growth and development as the content can be challenging at times however it is made easier with the inception of 19 other graduates across Australia who you can bond with and create lasting professional relationships.


Katherine Zhang
Graduate Finance Officer, Statewide Super

A year with the Super Grad Program has been fruitful and rewarding year. It's definitely not just another graduate program. I enjoy travelling interstate and attending the residential trainings with other grads, where I have invaluable opportunities to connect with industry luminaries such as Mavis Roberston and Gary Weaven talking about the industry super movement. I was also able to gain access to professional training series and complete the RG146 course, which I find it very helpful to my career later on. Last but not least, the program brought me into in this highly respected industry which I have been always very proud of.


Emily Teed
Marketing Coordinator, HOSTPLUS

I have gained so much from the Super Grads program, from exposure to key industry debates to a focus on professional development (including the RG 146), the program provides a nurturing and supportive network that stimulates growth and learning. My experience in the past year has helped me gain insight into my role and what I would like to pursue in the future, given me an encompassing view of the industry and the challenges it faces, as well as provided me with several fantastic mentors who willingly provide a guiding hand when I am in need.

The program truly surpassed my expectations and I would highly recommend the opportunity to everyone.


Kristy Sinclair
Advice Support Coordinator, Sunsuper

The Super Grads program gave me a great introduction into the world of superannuation & I was hooked.

It provided me with both technical and interpersonal skills that I could take back to my workplace. I had the  opportunity of meeting many industry leaders and having my own industry mentor. The culture of this graduate program is different to all the others you work and bond together with the other graduates around Australia which has given me a great network going forward in the industry.

The exposure of being in this program is amazing and has really kick started my career.


Mike Harut
Governance & Engagement Analyst, ACSI

The Super Grad program exceeded my expectations. Unlike some other grad programs  I had heard of, Super Grads has a lot of meaningful projects the help with the transition from uni into the industry.

We did two weeks of intensive training specifically tailored to helping us get the best possible start, plus got to attend CMSF the industry s major annual conference as VIPs. Super Grads is really unique because the other grads are not your colleagues day-to-day. This gives you a head start in developing your understanding of the industry and network that really isn t available any other way.

I have realised that there is a lot of potential for young people to progress in the super industry since it s growing so fast. Super Grads is the perfect place to start.

Erin Sales

Erin Sales
Advisor Strategic Engagement, Industry Super Australia

"The super grad program gives participants an in depth understanding of the nuances of the industry. In such a complex sector it is really valuable to gain in a year the type of knowledge that would otherwise take years to build up.

I would not have had the knowledge or the contacts to take the career path I have taken if I hadn't done the super grad program."


Matthew Drzewucki
Investment and Market Risk Analyst

"The Super Grad program was a fantastic opportunity to improve my commercial awareness and provided me with a very well-rounded perspective of the superannuation industry as a whole. Formal training involved me completing a Diploma of Superannuation. This understanding gives me the confidence to work with my fund in a proactive way to better the outcomes for members"


Elise Kerr
Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Women in Super

"The Super Grad program gave me a greater understanding of how the super system has evolved - and how my role and organisation contributes. The non-competitive nature of the program allows you to build relationships with your fellow grads that you can rely on well into the future."

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